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Press nuts

Press nuts


Kalei nuts are used wherever a thin-walled plastic sheet or require high stability of the connection. A very good alternative to nuts brazed or welded to the structural member.


Installation of Kalei nut is very simple. Nut placed centrally in a bore or extruded hole and pressed into it. During this operation the material of the structure is pressed into the groove of the nut so that we get a stable and durable connection. Thanks to the geometry of the knurls, also we get a very high torque the nut breaks in the material.


LOMA Kalei nuts have a high standard of workmanship. The special geometry, developed in collaboration with the German Institute Steinbeis-Zentrum, guarantees optimal connection nuts with an element of the structure. Kalei nuts obligatorily are subjected to LOMA 100% automatic optical inspection, during which the geometry is checked.


Standard nuts are made of free-cutting steel (11SMnPb30 + C), then heat treated - surface hardened and galvanized with dehydrogenation which ensures the highest quality.

The most common use

Metal housings, copper rails, electrical switchgear, metal structures - this is the place where the most frequently used are our nuts but not only.