Press nuts
Kalei Setzmutter

Kalei set nuts are used wherever a
high degree of joint stability is
required in thin-walled sheet metal or plastic parts.
They are a very good alternative to nuts that are welded,
brazed or welded to the component.

Press nuts

The assembly of the set nuts is very simple.

The nut is placed centrally in the drilled or punched hole and pressed in. During this operation, the component material is pressed into the groove of the nut
resulting in a stable and durable connection.
Thanks to the corresponding geometry of the knurling, a very high breakaway torque of the nut in the material is also achieved.



LOMA set nuts are characterised by a high standard of workmanship. A special geometry, developed in cooperation with the German institute Steinbeis-Zentrum, guarantees an optimal connection between the nut and the component. It is mandatory that all LOMA set nuts are subjected to a 100% automatic optical inspection, during which their geometry is checked.


The nuts as standard are made of automatic steel (11SMnPb30+C), then heat treated (surface hardened) and galvanised with dehydration.


Metal enclosures, copper rails, electrical switchgear, metal structures - these are the places where our nuts are most often used.
Press nuts
Press nuts
Press nuts