CNC Turned 

As the manufacturer of precise turned parts, we specialise in the batch production of metal parts for various industries based on CNC automatic lathes.

The high quality of the parts that we supply is confirmed by many years’ cooperation with our customers from all over Europe. We offer comprehensive detailing in black steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum, and cooperation with external companies, which allows us to offer products also with heat treatment and coatings.

In response to our customers' needs, we are open to various forms of cooperation in terms of logistics.


Elementy toczone CNC

CNC ground

Some industries require the highest accuracy for specific metal workpiece features that can only be achieved by grinding.

We have expanded our machine park with precise CNC numerically controlled grinders for grinding external diameters. Thanks to this and many years of experience of highly qualified personnel at LOMA in Germany, we can make even the most demanding rotationally symmetrical details in the highest quality, subjecting them to grinding after the turning process.


Elementy Szlifowane cnc

Kalei press

We are a long-term manufacturer of original Kalei Setzmutter pressed nuts. Press-in nuts are used in metal constructions for elements from 1 mm thick, creating a stable assembly point.

They are used in various industries, also as a great alternative to welded nuts and welded to the metal structure. Push-in nuts, also known as snap nuts, are made of free-cutting steel and blue-galvanised as standard, but are also available with other coatings, e.g. zinc-nickel, or in stainless steel 1.4305.


Wkręcane nakrętki kalei

Special turned

For the production of large series of turned elements, we use cam automatic lathes characterized by high efficiency.

Our machine park enables the production of rotationally symmetrical details with diameters of 4 – 34 mm and a small degree of complexity from such materials as free-cutting steel, non-ferrous metals or stainless steel 1.4305. We offer comprehensive execution of details with machining  heat and coatings.


Elementy toczone proste

and experience.

Loma Polska - Producent z wieloletnim doświadczeniem

Loma Poland - Manufacturer
with many years’

We are a manufacturer with decades of experience in the machining industry.

Our activities include the batch production of turned parts according to individual customer requirements on the basis of a technical drawing or a sample part sent to us.


Loma Polska

We control production
at every stage
to bring you the best
quality products.

We carefully subject the production process to inter-operational and final quality controls for the manufacture of metal parts. Thanks to modern and professional measuring instruments, we can ensure the highest quality of our products.