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Kalei press nuts

Press Nuts - Kalei Setzmutter

Set nuts are used wherever thin wall components require high stability. They are a very good alternative to welded or soldered nuts for a structural element, as well as for threading holes in structures. Our nuts can often be found under other names. e.g. knurled nuts, BN201, self clinching nuts, press nuts, Kalei nuts.

Press nuts - application 

They are most often used as sheet metal nuts. e.g. for metal housings. steel structures. profiles. They can also be used for other materials. e.g. as nuts to be pressed into copper bars (for control cabinets, electrical switchboards) 


Installation of the lock nut (push nut) is generally very simple. We put the nut centrally in the drilled or pressed hole and pressed into the hole. During this operation. the material of the structure element is pressed into the groove of the nut thanks to which we obtain a stable and durable connection. Due to the geometry knurls also obtains high torque break in the material of the nut.


LOMA set nuts are characterized by a high standard of performance. The special geometry. developed in cooperation with the German institute Steinbeis-Zentrum. guarantees an optimal connection of the nut with the structural element. Obligatory all LOMA set nuts are subjected to 100% automatic optical control. during which their geometry is checked.


The nuts in the standard are made of 11 SMnPb30 + C free steel. then heat treated (surface hardened) and protected with an anti-corrosive coating - galvanized with blue passivation. It is possible to protect with other coatings. e.g. galvanizing with thick-layer passivation. zinc-nickel. iron-zinc. nickel. They are also available in stainless steel grade 1.4305.