Quality control

An important point of the production process is its control. In our factory. the manufactured details are subject to strict quality control at every stage of production and its results are monitored using the SPC program.

The control department is equipped with simple measuring instruments and computerized devices. The most important of them are:

  • Hoermle Glassteller Messmachine - a machine for 100% control of part geometry
  • Opticline - Hommel Etamic C305 - a device for optical dimensional control - thanks to movable cameras and rotary head, the whole detail is accurately measured
  • Surfcom Flex - Zeiss - a device used to measure surface roughness
  • Mitutoyo measuring projector for measuring the contour of a detail
  • Gun for measuring internal diameters (inside gauge) - Bowers Holematic
  • Apparatus for measuring radial and axial runout - Cordax